Sunday, August 31, 2008

Note From a Friend

Just this morning, oh yah, nearly noontime, I noticed this huge birthday card inside a huge envelope my friends gave me last February of this year. Just because I've missed those kikays, I decided to open it and go through with their messages. I noticed this single sheet of tissue paper. It has a note of one of my kikay friends. Just to tell you, it's 7 months unread...wahihihhi... and so, I read it and I find it funny because everybody's been worried about finding me a groom! Let me show you the note and the huge card, too!

The tissue paper with the note that says :
To AEMS (that's how they call me):
wish you bright future, light, groom & mind all the bright in the world.

I knew the note was just for fun but hahahaha.... the groom thing, it made me really laugh! Everybody's letting me feel the pressure to have that groom when in fact, they can't find one for me hahahahaha... We'll I am not really worried about it because as much as I want to have someone in my life, partly, I'm happy with my life now where there is none. I'm free!

This one's the huge card my kikay friends gave me. The first big card for a big lady! Yay! Hehehehe...

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