Monday, August 25, 2008

Nearly Got a Black Eye

I am just home today, as what I have planned. I am preparing myself for work tomorrow. Definitely, I'd be going back after two weeks of rest. I hope my left brow will be okay so that I'd be going back to work in a very good condition.

What happened to my brow? Yay, I nearly got a black eye yesterday at the badminton tournament when my partner in mix doubles accidentally hit my brow with his racket as he tried to hit the bird back to our opponents. Well, God is still good and I'm thankful that He did not allow my partner to hit my eye and I was also thankful that He let me choose to be calm and the game went on smoothly. I am not mad at my partner. We enjoyed the game even if we lose. I don't want anger to rule over me. I don't want anger to produce a gap between me and my fellowmen. I'm okay and I'm thankful because I have overcome the power of anger. ;)


pchi said...

oh, does it still hurt?

i think part na talaga ang injuries sa sport

lucky enough na lang yung mga hindi talaga nasaktan ever

i hope it heals fast

acubepixel said...

yeah expected but it was the first time really i got hurt in a sport except the ones when i was still in grade school when i was into blade skating.

i'm okay. nawala na yung sa brow ko pero pasa nanaman sa arm ko dahil sa volleyball. hehehehe... is it the best thing about me? yung magkapasa,nasasaktan... nasusugatan... hahahaha... familiar?

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