Saturday, August 2, 2008

Dabawenya's Day Out

Few days ago, during our department's meeting, our team leaders decided that everybody in our department who works inside the office should be exposed outside to be acquainted with the company's electrical installation standards. A draw lot for who should go first was made and to my luck, I my name was drawn first! Well, exposures will be done every Fridays. We are four, so we have to wait for the 4th one before I could have my 2nd exposure. Then the cycle continues.

So, yesterday was my first exposure and wow, got lots of encounters at field. I have witnessed two customers fighting because of the property thing. They were shouting at each other. My field team leader explained to them both that our concern is not to solve their problem regarding the property thing. Our concern is about the metering standard. I remembered my papa, who's a land surveyor. He used to tell us problems about land properties.

To continue with my journey yesterday, we went to an area where you could meet people of all kind. In short, a place where you should be very careful. Okay, we went to one customer's house. While we checked their meter, we found a jumper! It's a catch!

Well, I was very happy because half of my expectations were met. Who could imagine that on my first day of exposure, I would meet jumper! It's nice to be familiar with those things and yes, I have learned how to cover a meterbase and how to lock the meter with a seal. Great experience! It's an additional knowledge to me, really. It's really great!

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