Sunday, August 3, 2008

I Failed Project 365

Sometime last month, I gave up on Project 365. I thought it's just easy but it isn't. I don't always bring a camera with me that is why sometimes I missed to shoot something in a day or two. And I have decided to abort the project resulting to failure. I had been busy mentally. People have seen me so relax and that I go to coffeeshops and anywhere but I'm mentally exhausted. I have a lot of things in mind. Even if I walk, I keep on thinking what to dos and how. And a lot of questions like why? I could no longer think about Project 365 because I have a lot of important issues that I have to deal with before my long break wishing and hoping everything will be okay. I don't want to go for a break when things aren't going well. Just yesterday, I was enlightened. I could finally have a very long break from work! Wow! I have 2 weeks to relax. Yay! Will be spending a week at my parents' (which means I would totally be disconnected in cyberworld) and a week here in Davao to join in the Kadayawan 2008 celebration (will get my 2nd baby today ;)).

So, why totally giveup on Project 365? Because for me, it's just like a class. You have to post something everyday and it serves as an attendance. I have missed more than a week and I consider myself as a dropout, I better try again next year where I could really start on January 1,2009.


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