Saturday, May 17, 2008

Human as I Am....

Today is a day I won't forget. For the first time after few weeks, I remembered a dream... Guess what it's all about... dugh! It's about an unresolved problem of yesterday. I just don't know why when I worry so much about something, I always have them in my dreams.

Yesterday, at work, I received an email from my boss asking me to comment on to something which, for me, is very important. And I asked myself what happened. Did that happened because I'm stupid? Well, I'm just a human - I commit mistakes. The thought about that thing never left my min until it became a part of my dream.

Just this morning, I gave enough time to analyze the possible ways why it happened or how? I went to the big storage room alone trying to find the document I needed. I spent more than an hour there but I found none. I went out of idea except asking help from my boss about what to do and how to explain. The my boss and I shared ideas on how to prevent such case to happen again.

I made an email draft as a reply to the email (to send it before I violate an email etiquette)
I received yesterday. Then made sure its really what I want to say.

Of course, I asked sorry about what happened because I admit I really made a mistake. I could not really recall if somebody took the document from my table that I have not included it in the list for maintenance....

At least now, I could sleep well... hehehehehe... Thanks to God!

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