Saturday, May 31, 2008

Brigada Eskwela : A Successful One

I just got home from a whole day downtown stay. I tied myself a week ago to a commitment of today's event,the BRIGADA ESKWELA, a company's activity. The activity's highlight was the painting of a 15-room school building of the Davao City National Highschool.

As a voluteering individual, I woke up early just like a working day. I stepped off from home with my comfortable ragged attire and went to the site. I was so excited this morning because it has been years since I painted my own room and that was the last time that I have an encounter with the paintbrush plus our SVP told us that he wanted the activity to be a festive one. It was indeed a fun!

We, the company volunteers were grouped according to our sportsfest color as our work will be rated to make it a contest. The areas of responsibility were drawn and unfortunately, my group was assigned to the other end of the building where the area was big. My group then did not waste the time given. We immediately started working. I was the first one to roll the paint roller on the wall. Others were cleaning the grills and doing some improvements infront of our area of responsibility. My group was the last group to finish.

We had our lunch at almost 12:00nn then the result for the contest was announced. Btw, the judges were all personnels of that school that we were painting. The criteria includes the ground improvement(area of responsibility), cleanliness of the painted walls or say the quality and etc.

Guess who's team was winner? Hahahahaha... I was just surprised because my team won! Everybody in my team was surprised! We no longer expected to win because as I've told you, we were the last to finish. Now, I believe in what the elder say,Slowy, but surely." Hahahahaha... Cheers!

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