Friday, May 30, 2008

Busy Days are Coming....

Busy days are coming that I have to freeze my gym membership. Just last night, I was trying to see what I have in store next week. Oh well, busy days started just this week. I was from a week vacation last week and when I came back to work, what I did first was I checked my mailbox and send off response to mails that need my reply. Then I was busy preparing my template for the revision of the department's budget.

Today, I was busy linking the sheets on the template. My eyes surrendered so I stopped and prepared the program(showing off my artistic design) that I have to use for the Sunday's activity which is the CSR-Orientation (I was asked to host the program). I prepared everything. Just tonight, I was out with my friends to watch a movie and actually, I just arrived :). I have to sleep now because another community service is going to be successful tomorrow. I will be joining a company's Corporate Social Responsibility Activity which is the BRIGADA ESKWELA. We will be painting a school! Yes, I love to paint hehehehehe... So, have to go ahead friends... Ciao!

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