Wednesday, November 3, 2010


Few weeks ago, I watched the first-night showing of this
wonderful movie, EAT PRAY LOVE... Oh God, I find myself so inlove with this
movie including its soundtracks...

I couldn't help but think a lot about it many times. I even looked
for the "Thums Up" Cola on the internet if it truly exist in India's
beverages and yes it is! Then I always remember KetutLiyer saying"See
you later, alligator." I really thought that line is only used here in the
Philippines. I was really amazed when Ketut used it! Hahaha... And one
more thing, I searched about the medicine man, Ketut. It is really true
that he exists in Bali, Indonesia as a medicine man. I wanna go meet him
if I would be visiting Bali in no time. I watched the movie twice
on big screen and will probably be watching it again when it's already on DVD
or when already available at my other sources.

Until now, I'm obsessed even with the soundtrack especially the "Attraversiamo"
by Dario Marianelli. And I even tried to learn few Italian words.

The movie has a huge impact to me. I EAT, PRAY, and LOVE too... in my own
ways though. ;)

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