Monday, February 1, 2010

goodbye 28, hello 29

wow! look at how time flies so fast!
i wonder what's in store for me at 29...

during my 28,
at these times, i was in a hospital.
not that my mom gave birth to me again.
but i with the whole family was nursing mom.
though she wasn't in an intensive care,
but her life was critical that she almost
left my family and me at 28.

few days after she was discharged from the hospital,
my father, my niece and her mother met a car accident.
went to the site with my sister very early in the morning.
the cab was
good thing was my dad was okay.
he was hugging my bloody niece.
my niece's mom was at the road side,
rescued by the 911.
that was the very first time i took a 911 ambulance.
spent the whole day at the hospital,
shaking while trying to give help.
my sister was crying asnd asked me
why is it happening one after the other.

after few months,
my future was put to risk.
threats were mouthed at me.
body was deteriorating,
lots of illnesses visiting me.
mind was bothered.
fears went gone and anger came in.
i felt pain inside my heart.
criticism came in and out of my ears.

i was just thankful.
despite of everything,
i was able to manage my emotions.
and things went back to its place.

and now,
i am bidding goodbye to the bitterness of 28.

i started the year right with my family,
in preparation to welcome my 29.

hello 29!

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