Thursday, January 31, 2008


Few minutes more and I'll be getting a +1 in my age. It's been 26 years of enjoying life's journey, it's twists and turns and everything that made me who I am now. There'd been a lot of ups and downs with people around me-my family, my friends, at work...I guess we know, it's all part of life's endless journey. And what happened to me in the past 26 years was a success. I have made a path of my own to make it to the next level.

Yeah, am turning 27 and I am looking forward to make another successful path for the whole year journey. I know there'd still be a lot of reasons to make some twists and turns in my journey. I have already seen few of them and have planned how to deal with them. But if I'd be meeting rivers that cuts my way, I have reserved strength to cross the bridge when I get there.

I know sometimes, I feel like I'm losing hope and is like giving up...but when I'm in my weakest, the One above always let me realize He's just up there willing to help and friends are always there to fuel me with encouragement that leads me back to hope.

I just hope things will go smooth after tomorrow...

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