Tuesday, June 21, 2011

My First Walk with the Davao Bloggers

"Opportunity comes but to grab it depends, on someone's choice."

It was because I love to write a journal way back teenage years, that I have decided to have a blog of my own. Then I started this site at the beginning of 2008 and has been on and of in the blog world. Until I was assigned to a project in September 2010. I became super busy and left blogging.

Few days ago, I was invited to attend this 1st Davao Bloggers Walk via Facebook. I wasn't sure who's responsible for inviting me hahahaha... I was a little bit hesitant to join because I don't know who're coming. While the event date got closer, I BBMed my friend Leah Valle who happens to be the president of the group. Then I decided to join the day before the event.

The event was held in June 20,2011 ... shall I say a success. It was organized in honor of the Philippine's National Hero, Dr. J
ose Rizal @ his 150th birthday.

I was so blessed for opening my heart and my mind to the knocking opportunity of meeting the group. I've met a lot of Davao Bloggers. Everybody seems so nice and jolly (not to mention we have a comapany named Jollibee hahahaha). I had so much fun.
The event started way too late from the time they set but it's ok since it gave me the opportunity to mingle with new friends. The
event started with a few words from the officers, then getting to know the fellow Davao Bloggers and we headed to the Davao Museum. Then we had a few taste of Davao Street Foods, then we get to visit to the Jose Rizal collections (stamps, coins and paper money) of Mr. Rene Adapan at Manila Bulletin's 2/F where I was given the chance to be a "1-minute Billionaire," then we headed to the St. Peter Cathedral and then to Kusina Dabaw for a small "salo-salo." Summing it up, I HAD FUN!

Here are a few photos to for you to see:

taken at the Davao Museum

at the collections of Mr. Rene Adapan

Mr. Rene Adapan entertaining guests

the "minute ten billionaire"

Thank you Davao Bloggers. I hope it's not the first and the last meeting we have. I enjoyed your company.


Custom Fitted Man said...

yeah!lingaw kaayu right? sarap maging blogger! :)




I am very glad you had fun. Salamatay sang kanmo pag-apil. Hahahaha. :) of course this is the first or the last, we will be pushing more events you guys will definitely enjoy. :) so, keep in touch and looking forward to seeing you. :)

here's my blog:


envina said...

Custom Fitted Man : yeabah!

Olanology: yeap keeping in touch hehehehe...

will bookmark your blogs...

Tessa said...

wow. had the same feeling when i first joined davao bloggers. sadly, im too busy with my internship to join events. hopefully when i finish my duties as a student *char* makajoin ulet. welcome to davao bloggers. hope to see you soon :)

envina said...

we will be looking forward to have you back, tessa....

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