Saturday, March 29, 2008


Prepare yourself, it's summertime! The country's getting hotter and everyone's planning for a summer getaway!

Cs10 I opened the door for summer last March 16,2008(Araw ng Dabaw) and yes, it was fun! I and some of my friends at work had our first getaway for this year. The idea was created when the zip line (which I consider as extreme sport) at Camp Sabros was introduced in local televisions. We started gathering informations about the zip line, the place, the expenses and the "how to get there" thing. There was a boost in excitement when Camp Sabros was featured by Marc Nelson in Sports unlimited. And so, the plan happened. We traveled just to try the more than 400-meter long and more than 4,000-ft. high above sea level zip line. The zip lasted for almost a minute. Well, I had fun because it was my first tried extreme sport. It was really a WOW!

Agong3 Camp Sabros was our main target for the getaway. But since we're already there, we made a side trip to the Agong House (owned by an Indian Businessman) designed by Davao's artist, Kublai Millan (the man with a dotted car). There, we enjoyed taking photos of ourselves and the view and the house.

The one-day getaway was fun and I enjoyed it a lot not mentioning I got my cheek burned. Putting a sunblock was not in mind because the place is cold just like Baguio City. I was too much confident it won't cause me a sunburn but I was wrong. I can't feel the heat penetrating in my skin because it's cold out there.

Anyways, I really didn't care much about that sunburn. My zip line experience is something too worthy to be kept.

That was just the beginning of my Summer 2008. We are planning again to have another escapade by April. It's gonna be a water sport! TUBING TIME!

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